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To support our client partnership functions, a series of Web and Desktop based applications are utilized by our Executive Partners. Some of these applications have been developed and refined by our partners while others are commercially available. They provide solutions in three key areas:
  • Applications supporting corporate management, policy and procedure functions

  • Applications to support HR and Organizational Development functions

  • Applications to support Staffing/Recruitment functions such as Applicant Tracking / Resume Database systems
All applications are Web / PC based and intended to operate on the customers own network and via Internet connection. The underlying concept is to have one central store of corporate information in a central repository location whereby users may update their portion of the content. All users have access, locally or remotely, to the most updated and correct versions of the information with the ability to access / print / store the latest correct version of the information.

Details of the application packages available are as follows:

Corporate Management Package

  • Policy & Practices Manual (Web based Policy & Practice manual, tailored by the customer)
  • Corporate Document Pak (Non disclosure templates- tailored by client, Employee invention and non-disclosure, consultant agreements, test agreements, beta agreements, license agreements- software and services, software loan agreements)
  • Sales Document Pak (Sales agreements for resellers, agents, distributors, OEMs, sales rep agreements, etc.)
  • Salary Matrix (Approved salary hiring matrix for management, annual increase timing and rates, by job title and function - comparison to national and local averages for similar positions)
  • Salary/Stock Track (Tracking and reporting of salary actions, DOH, DLI, promotions, stock actions, date of next salary action, date of next Performance Plan action, etc.)
  • Employee Capital Track (Tracking and reporting of assigned employee tools, computers, capital assets, etc.)
  • Personnel Address Track (Personnel address and relationship system)
HR Package
  • Hiring Manager Pak (Requisition forms, approval & posting process, telephone & interview questions, offer & closure guidance)
  • Performance Plans & Evaluation (PP&Es by functions and position, tracking of open & completed, manager & employee input)
  • Placement Agency Document Pak (T&Cs for contingency, exclusive contingency, retained and research agencies)
  • Agency Listing Pak (Agency listing by specialty, separate listings for contingency, retained and research)
  • Recruitment Advertising Guide (Guidelines for listing open positions on public media - Print, Internet, Radio, Outdoor, etc.)
Recruiting Package
  • Requisition System (Web ready job posting forms, Hit tracking, reporting, follow-up)
  • Job Specification Templates (Templates for open position posting to all sources - Internet, print, etc.)
  • Internet Career Site (Name, national rank (size), specialty, rates, how-to-post guide)
  • Applicant Track (Contact information, date, source of receipt, progress track, disposition)
  • Interview Track (Tracking and consolidation for all interviewees, reviewers comments, summaries, action, offers, EEO status)
  • Web Spider (Automatic site search to match requisitions, ranking order - user defined)
Applicant Tracking / Resume Database
  • Applicant Track (Contact information, date, source of receipt, progress track, disposition)
  • Interview Track (Consolidation for all interviewees, reviewers comments, summaries, action, offers)
  • Resume Database (Candidates of interest only, discipline, skills, education, experience, EEO tracking, contact information, etc.)
All of the above applications are client based and offer all the advantages of a tiered implementation approach. These include:
  • Operation across multiple systems and platforms without OS specific customization
  • Service may be accessed from any Windows based PC, Macintosh, Network Computer or UNIX based machine with a modem or direct connection to the internet using standard available browsers
  • Scalable applications, transparent to the user (through the ability of multiple application servers and multi-Internet servers)
  • Up-to-date information from a central Database tier (all data is current and available to all authorized users - 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, regardless of users location)
  • User ease of use - most all company users are familiar with browsers and Internet navigation, speeding the learning curve. No difficult pull down menus and key commands. No employee client software to install and maintain
  • New functionality is automatically available to the user - no individual software to install and/or update
  • Cost of deployment and ownership is low - this is an extension to the users presently available internet server(s)
  • Low cost of remote access as a result of the low cost of Internet connectivity - no expensive network infrastructure
  • Data is available from local and remote locations, may be made available to others in a need to know capacity (i.e. a board of directors member may be granted access to company information via his/her browser at their place of business)
  • Reports may be printed at any time or from any location upon demand of the user
Just as information centralization in larger companies has occurred with good reason, so should the centralization of valuable corporate information for emerging growth companies. Information that is now being processed and handled by multiple individuals using desktop software can now be centrally stored with limited access resulting in a single copy, central store of key business information. The software is now readily affordable and available for small and emerging businesses.










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